Worship Series

“Ministry” simply means “service.” Throughout history, God has called individuals to serve God’s people by sharing God’s Word. Many today feel they do not need to be part of a church, do not need Christian preaching and teaching. “I can be a believer without any of that.” Well, if that is true, then why does Jesus’ bother to keep calling ministers to share his gospel: pastors, teachers, missionaries, etc.? Clearly, Jesus himself believes ministry is necessary. He knows what we need better than we do.
We call it “holy ministry” because the Holy Spirit does his work through his ministers. As ministers proclaim God’s Word, the Spirit unleashes his power. We also call it “holy ministry” because through gospel ministry our faith is sustained, which is what makes us holy in God’s eyes. Our worship for the next three weeks follows this path:

“The Holy Ministry Is Filled with Sinners Called by God”

“The Holy Ministry Demonstrates Compassion for God’s People”

“The Holy Ministry Preaches Christ Despite Persecution”

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