The Church God Wants

“I want a church that…” How would you complete that statement? Would you focus on size—big or small? Would you think more about style—formal versus laid back? Is it certain desired church programs that come to mind?  What exactly do you want in a church?
In this worship series, we see that is not the right question.  Scripture says Jesus bought the Church with his blood.  So, the right question then becomes—what does God want in a church? You might find a church that runs all the youth programs you want or has a “vibe” that you enjoy or is in your ideal location.  But if that church is not doing what Christ would have it do, then it really is not a spiritually healthy place to be.  So, let us think about the church God wants. What does it look like?  What are its priorities? What does it all do?  Our worship follows this pattern.

A Church for All People
A Church That Really Knows Jesus
A Church Willing to Say Hard Things
A Church That’s Quick to Forgive

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