Meaningful Ministry

“Ministry” is one of those churchy words that is often used, yet perhaps not fully understood. Ministry comes from the Latin word for “service.” Ministry involves serving others with love, compassion, and empathy. Helping someone with physical needs is sometimes called “compassion ministry.” Helping someone with their spiritual needs, sharing the good news of Christ, is generally called “gospel ministry.” We misunderstand ministry if we think of it as something only ministers do. While pastors are called to perform gospel ministry on behalf of others, ultimately every believer is called by God to reflect Christ-like love and share the message of salvation as God provides those opportunities. 

In this worship series we will see our efforts to meet the needs of those God brings into our sphere of influence as meaningful ministry. In our service to them, those people see God’s love and God sees our faith. Our worship follows this pattern.

·       July 7th | Not Glee and Gratitude, but Rejection and Resentment

·       July 14th | Sent with God’s Own Authority

·       July 21st | VBS Closing Worship

·       July 28th | Jesus Models a Compassionate Shepherd’s Heart

·       August 4th | God Meets Our Needs to Meet Others’ Needs

·       August 11th | Fear Not, for the Lord Is with You

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