Kids G.R.O.W.

We spend thousands of dollars so our children can have straight teeth with no overbite.  We spend tens of thousands so our children can go to college.  We sacrifice countless hours so our children might learn to play the piano, spike a volleyball, catch a football, or attend different events.  Those are all blessings, but a greater blessing of infinitely immeasurable value is helping our children grow in God’s Word.  It’s no secret that our children are being bombarded by cultural influences in the classroom and cafeteria, in the neighborhood or innocently online.  The Word not only helps them face this world, but also prepares them to enter the world that is to come.  KIDS G.R.O.W. is our revamped Sunday School program for the children of our congregation.  The goal is to help your children G.R.O.W. in wisdom so he or she not only learns Bible history, but also how to apply the Scriptures to his or her life.  What a great opportunity and blessing that God gives you: to give your child the best life possible – one rooted in the Word.  Our Kids GROW staff is excited to lead your child(ren) into the Word each week while also giving them opportunities to ask questions, have fun, and deepen friendships.  There are three different levels offered – Early Childhood (PreK-1st), Elementary (2nd-5th), and Upper (6th-7th).  8th graders and up will join the Adult Bible Study.  The staff is eager to serve you. Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM

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