Our world is currently obsessed with questions about identity. But, this isn’t just a modern phenomenon and it certainly isn’t restricted to one specific area of life. Understanding one’s identity has been important from the dawn of human existence. Identity has to do with who you are, the way you think about yourself, the way you are viewed by the world, and the characteristics that define everything that is you. Your identity shapes your purposes and goals and, well, everything you do in life. Therefore, having a clear picture of your identity and where it comes from is vitally important.

For the Christian, identity begins and ends in Christ and is guided by God’s Word for everything in between. When it comes to the important questions of identity, the Christian looks to God’s Word and simply asks, “Who am I in Christ and what does that mean for my life?” Over the summer we’ll do just that as we consider the lives that flow from our Christian identity.

May 30

Children of the Heavenly Father (Holy Trinity Sunday)

June 6

Needing and Receiving Rest

June 13

On the Right Side of HIStory

June 20

Growing in Grace

June 27

Secure in the Storm

July 4

Christian Citizens

July 11

Defying Death

July 18

Rejected and Received

July 25


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