Define Christian

Ask ten different people to define Christian and you may get ten different answers.  One might say, “A Christian is someone who believes in Jesus.”  Okay.  But the demons believe that Jesus exists and is the Son of God.  So is that definition adequate?  Another person might have a more negative view.  He says, “A Christian is someone who believes he is better than others.”  Is that completely false?  And if you aren’t humble, does that mean you aren’t Christian?

In our worship series, Christ himself defines the term Christian and describes what Christians do.  We will be struck by how often we do not do all those things.  There likely are times when people could look at our behavior and assume we were unbelievers.  Yet throughout this series, Jesus will demonstrate that ultimately a Christian is one who runs to Christ for forgiveness precisely because he has failed to live like what he is – a Christian.  As we receive the mercy of Christ, it moves us to strive with all our being to better fit Christ’s beautiful definition, doing all the things Jesus says that Christians do.  Our worship follows this path:

July 2nd – The Christian Loves God above

July 9th – The Christian Finds Rest in Jesus

July 16th – VBS Closing Service

July 23rd – The Christian Is Planted by the Word

July 30th – The Christian Lives as Wheat among Weeds

August 6th – The Christian Seeks Spiritual Wealth

August 13th – The Christian Understands Suffering

August 20th – The Christian Trusts God to Provide

August 27th – The Christian Answers Doubt with Faith

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